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Go-Karting in Johannesburg

Go karting is not a new pass time and in Johannesburg there are a few venues that offer go-karting but the tracks are often small and the karts are not the best items for the job. As a bit of holiday fun for the kids, these venues are great but before you know it the need for something bigger and faster will bite and you will needs to find a high calibre venue for the budding race car drivers to hone their skills.

Our venue uses Karts which are professional in design and purpose, meaning that should the bug bite, practicing in one of our krts will be as good as practicing in your own professional model vehicle.

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Whichever way you look at it, Kart racing is about the speed and skill with which a lap around the circuit can be completed. But with Zwartkops Raceway as the venue from which to work on those skills you are definitely in good shape.

The roads of Johannesburg are full of would be Formula One drivers, people who would probably flourish in the type of environment that Zwartkops Raceway Circuit offers.

Safety First is a principle most of us embrace and try to live by and this is the case at Zwartkops Raceway. While we understand that you are in a race situation and speed is called for but there are rules that need to be followed in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone participating.

But at the same time:

Karting is evolving from the go-karts we played with in our back yards or raced down a hill when we were kids to a hobby or potential career, and in some cases a gateway to a career as a race-care driver.

This page was last updated on 30 April 2021