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Bachelor Party Karting

Saying goodbye to being single is quite a big step in anybody's life, which is why a bachelor or bachelorette party has been a tradition for as long as it has. And boy, have there been some traditions which have attached themselves to these gatherings that have earned bachelor parties a bit of a bad reputation.

Luckily, this bad reputation has encouraged guys to make an effort at keeping the bachelor party an exercise in good clean fun. And what better way than to organise an outing to the Karting track to have fun and allow the guys to let their competitive streak run free.

Kart racing as a bachelor event has gained in popularity over the last few years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

We offer various categories enabling you to select a race that will allow your group to get the maximum enjoyment from their race.

Once you have finished the race you will probably be hungry and thirsty, and the party is probably a long way from over. Visit our catering options by clicking here or speak to us about food options when you make your booking.

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Ladies are not left out

Don't for one minute think that Kart racing is the domain of guys. Aside from this being a fun thing to do on a date it is also a great thing for the girls to do before their friend joins the ranks of the married.

Whether it s a bachelor or bachelorettes party, this is definitely going to be one to remember and if you want to have a combined party pitting the girls against the guys or a variation on that theme. And why not make it interesting and add a prize to the mix.

Check out the various options here and if you want to arrange food for your guests you can select from our meal options.


This page was last updated on 30 April 2021