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This is really why you booked your function at the Kyalami Kart Circuit! The thrill as meters of track fly past you as you whip by your colleagues and buddies!

There are various options available, so you should be able to find one amongst the following that meets your requirements, whether it's for a few friends or a work outing the adrenalin will be pumping as hard as those engines are revving. is intensified by the low frame of the kart making each adrenaline pumping meter mor thrilling than the last.

About the track

At 843 metres this outdoor track stretches for nearly a kilometre, allowing you to really put yourself and your driving skills to the test. The karts are built for professional racers and are constantly being improved and upgraded to keep with the leaders in the field.

But if you are a beginner there is nothing to fear, not even embaressing yourself with your buddies. The track is built for professional racing so that means you will have the best surface and design on which to learn the ins and outs of karting. Plenty of straights on which to work on your speed and just as many curves and turns in directions both right and left, besides there is usually a warm up lap so you can get the feel of things.

The track has been closed for a few renovations at the same time that the main racing track at kyalami has been undergoing its revamp so when the day for reopening arrives you know that you are going to be on quality ground. This track has been planned and built by professionals who have the experience of the drivers and the quality of the facility in mind when any decisions regarding this are made.

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What else do we offer

Kyalami Kart Circuit is primarily a Karting Circuit, but the very nature of karting makes it an ideal venue for team buildings, corporate functions and various meetings, or birthday and bachelor parties.

Our venue has conference and catering facilities which will ensure that all your requirements are met.

Kyalami itself has a rich and prolific history in motorsport circles across the world. Although no Karts are allowed on the main track, just being at the venue for which high speed racing is its claim to fame is quite a thrill.

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